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"30 Years A Hostage To My Migraines: After numerous escape attempts I finally broke free from the brutal grip of migraine." (The Huffingtonpost Canada, June 2016)


Understanding Migraine



Listen to Q107 John Derringer's radio interview with Brendan Cleary of the Ontario Migraine Clinic:



In Our Space, Autumn 2015, "june’s story: I won my war!" (written by June, a patient of The Ontario Migraine Clinic)


Live In Balance, Summer 2015. "Migraines"


Chatelaine Feb 2013 Issue, Health Special, "The migraine therapy that could change your life"


Canadian Migraine Specialist Gaining Popularity with Elite Athletes, December 2011


Athletes Go Head-to-Head with Cleary, October 2011


Blood Brothers: Marc Staal Hasn't Played Since Eric Gave him a Concussion. October 2011


Injured NHLer Staal Skates at Memorial, October 2011


Not Just a Headache, The Sheridan Sun Online, September 2011


Ontario Migraine Clinic Treats High-Profile Athletes for Concussions, September 2011


CH @ Home, (8:45), CHCH TV, January 2007


Global News Morning, (3:25) Global TV, December 2006


‘Tis the Season for Pins and Needles,Toronto Star, December 2006


Bright lights, carols, and shopping bring joy to some—and the mother of all headaches to others. Can acupuncture help?


For Migraines, He's Mr. Miracle, Globe and Mail, June 2006


Like the healing waters of Lourdes, the Ontario Migraine Clinic attracts those who need a miracle. Every week, they come here to the tiny hamlet of Georgetown, hoping that afer years of failed treatments, which may have included everything from hypnotism to neurosurgery, acupuncturist Brendan Cleary can exorcise the headaches that have established evil dominion within their skulls. Some of them have come from across Ontario, others from around the world–among Mr. Cleary's patients are people from Europe, China and a woman who made the pilgrimage from Afghanistan.


Minimizing Migraine Madness, Vitality Magazine, 2004


Many can sense its impending arrival. Light becomes whiter, more intense. Words on the page disappear behind blind spots and zigzagging lines. It’s the lightning that signals the coming mental maelstrom — the migraine.

Even though only 20% of migraine sufferers experience visual disturbances or aura that can precede a migraine, a full 100% of sufferers will testify to the pounding, lop-sided pain that has the power to shut them down for the day, or sometimes days.






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