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Acupuncture Uses

Please refer to the chart below for a list of the common health problems we treat at the Ontario Migraine Clinic. This is by no means a complete list but will illustrate the effectiveness of acupuncture.

General Health Eyes Ear, Nose & Throat

Sports Therapy

Skin & Nails Head Respiratory System Nervous System & Psychiatric Disorders Limbs & Musculature Digestion Cardiovascular System Genitourinary & Gynaecology Disorders
fatigue weak eyesight hay fever tendonitis acne concussion asthma anxiety fibrositis ulcers ischaemic heart disease pelvic pain
excessive perspiration early cataract rhinitis muscle pulls/tears wrinkles post concussion symptoms bronchitis depression muscular rheumatism hyperacidity rhythmic disorders painful periods
excessive sleep retinitis nose bleeding cramps sagging muscles migraine tracheitis nervousness sciatica gastritis angina pectoris irregular periods
travel sickness tired eyes after reading sneezing spasms alopecia headaches shortness of breath phobias lumbago indigestion chest pain vaginal pain
post operative weakness pain in or around eyes diminished sense of smell promote proper mineral and electrolyte balance itching neuralgia pulmonary congestion insomnia cramps lack of appetite fainting hot flashes
weight loss conjunctivitis sinusitis increase mental preparation and stamina eczema epilepsy recurrent colds facial palsy Raynauds excessive appetite palpitations menopausal disorders
  blepharitis tonsillitis inflammation urticaria trigeminal neuralgia coughs shingles edema obesity hypertension ovarian pain
    laryngitis balance repetitive strain injuries psoriasis tics   epilepsy carpal tunnel syndrome bulimia hypotension mastitis
    loss of voice fasciitis herpes spasms   trembling neuralgia of shoulders and arms flatulence poor circulation cystitis
    pharyngitis improved recovery skin allergies     trigeminal neuralgia Tennis elbow heartburn   lumbago
    aphasia due to stroke           golfer's elbow vomiting   bladder irritation
                rheumatoid arthritis hemorrhoids   lack of bladder control
                osteoarthritis nausea   prostate disorders
                weakness or feeling of heavy limbs liver dysfunction    
                frozen shoulder nausea and vomiting during pregnancy    
                gout diarrhea    
                stroke constipation    
                muscular paralysis      



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